Stephan Shaw Busts Up Lyumobyr Pinchuk To Sweep All Eight Rounds of Ring City Bout

Undefeated 28-year old Heavyweight Stephan Shaw looked sharp, breaking down Lyumobyr Pinchuk over eight rounds for win No. 14

LOS ANGELES (December 17, 2020) — The Heavyweights headlined Ring City USA’s TWiTCH-streamed portion of its final show of 2020. Undefeated Saint Louis, Missouri native Stephan Shaw faced Lyumobyr Pinchuk in a bout scheduled for eight rounds.

A dozen of Pinchuk’s fights were contested at Cruiserweight, but the 24-year old pressed forward confidently in first Heavyweight bout since April 2019. Shaw (14-0, 10 KOs) entered the fight at even 235 pounds – marking a career-low in two consecutive fights. Pinchuk came in at 223 and attempted to establish a faster pace at the outset of the fight. The 28-year old Shaw never complied.

Shaw’s combination of timing, punch placement and power eventually swung control of the fight in his favor. Pinchuk’s fast hands and feints only troubled the Saint Louis momentarily before his accuracy became a problem for the Ukrainian. Shaw started punishing Pinchuk without receiving much in return as the fight moved into its second half. The smaller fighter stood in, trying to compete, and made it to the final bell as Shaw ran into hand issues he mentioned to his corner after Round 7. More fireworks from Shaw surfaced in the bout’s final frame, but Pinchuk weathered the onslaught and boxed until the final bell.

All of the judges scored the fight in favor of Shaw for a wide unanimous decision delivering him his 14th victory. Pinchuk fought determined but failed to ever adjust in a manner to give him a tactical advantage once Shaw settled into a flow.

Pinchuk (12-2-1, 7 KOs) pressed for quickly targeting Shaw’s waistline with his left jab. Shaw looked to counter Pinchuk with left hooks and right hands above the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s guard. Shaw’s movement was efficient, as he set back looking time Pinchuk’s aggression. Pinchuk mixed in foot feints and set up a straight right hand through Shaw’s guard to close the round.

Pinchuk continued to press forward in the second frame, looking to score with his hand speed. Shaw stood ready with his check left hook. The round was fairly even. Shaw landed a left jab to the body to close out the round.

Pinchuk continued to try to push pace in Round 3. Shaw circled and stepped back looking to create space for his shots. Pinchuk landed a left hand, inside, late in the round, but Shaw responded with his most powerful combination of shots. Pinchuk looked stunned for a second and walked back to his corner with a bloodied nose.

The Pittsburgh-based Ukrainian’s energy decreased in the fourth round. He still worked his way inside looking to land punches. Shaw stood ready to counter with his left hook.

The fighters stood center-ring to open the second half of the fight. Shaw’s hands were lowered. His timing trumped Pinchuk’s activity. By the final minute, after receiving various left hand punches, blood streamed down Pinchuk’s face.

Shaw stood in front Pinchuk in the opening seconds of Round 6. He ripped a thudding left hook to Pinchuk’s body about 30 seconds in. Pinchuk moved inside and out, but once close Shaw dominated the exchanges. Pinchuk’s form started to dwindle from Shaw’s steady, damaging two-handed attack.

Shaw attacked fiercely to open Round 7. He controlled center-ring ring before Pinchuk started pressing forward again after the midpoint. Shaw unleashed another vicious flurry, started by a lead left left hook, just before the final minute. Pinchuk caught Shaw off-guard with a short flurry.

Prior to the eighth round bell, Shaw complained of pain in his right hand – some in his left hand too. The Saint Louis native pumped several left jabs to open the final round. Shaw fired a crushing right hand in the center-ring that stood Pinchuk up briefly. The intensity of the exchanges escalated from there. Pinchuk fought through the punishment, but a left hook briefly wobbled the Ukrainian with under 15 seconds to go. Shaw fired a few more shots, but the final bell arrived to bring the bout to a close.

The two fighters shared a quick handshake-hug prior to the announcement of the official decision. All three judges saw the bout the same way, 80-72, for a unanimous decision.

Kelvin Davis vs Michael Honesto

Southpaw Kelvin Davis started operating from long-range quickly, working his jab to set up his left hand. The rangy newcomer, a 24-year old 6-foot 1-inch Super Lightweight from Norfolk, Virginia, had his first knockdown with under 30 seconds to go in his first professional round. Michael Honesto beat the count, and then seconds later he received a lengthy visit to his corner by referee Jack Reiss.

Shortly into Round 2 a Davis flurry overwhelmed Honesto. The bout was called at the :27 mark after Reiss saw Honesto drop down to his knees. Davis improved to 1-0 with the stoppage, while Honesto dropped his debut bout.

All photos by Tom Hogan/Ring City


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