Ennis Rolls Over Abreu With 3-Knockdown TKO6

UNCASVILLE, CONN (September 19, 2020) — One of boxing’s hottest young talents returned to action inside of quarantine environment at the Mohegan Sun Casino. Undefeated Welterweight Jaron “Boots” Ennis traveled over from Philadelphia, Penn. to take on journeyman Juan Carlos Abreu live on Showtime Boxing.

In Abreu (23-6-1, 21 KOs), young Ennis entered the fight looking to provide credible evidence to pundits and fans looking to draw conclusions regarding how the highly touted sensation measures up to the division’s elite.

Prior to fight night, Abreu failed to make the 147-pound max limit for Welterweight. He gave up 20 percent of his purse, and 151 pounds was agreed to for the contracted weight.

The proof was there from the first bell. Ennis (26-0, 24 KOs) went to work setting the pace to break down his opponent. Abreu had been down before, but had yet to be stopped. Five rounds later the Dominican could no longer boast of that distinction.

Ennis dropped the journeyman three times, with the first coming by way of a well-executed right uppercut that caught Abreu trying to halt Ennis’ momentum near the end of round five. The action grew contentious in the opening of the subsequent round, and Ennis closed the distance to attack Abreu immediately. He knocked the Dominican down with another right hand.

Abreu courageously got up a second time, and while he signaled he wanted to continue his legs indicated he was impaired significantly. Ennis recognized his opponent’s status and moved in to finish him off with a final fury. After a fierce flurry of hooks Abreu hit the canvas again, and referee Johnny Callas made the decision that delivered Ennis KO No. 24 of his young career.

Ennis tested Abreu early, pumping his jab into the Dominican’s guard. Some split through while others found Abreu’s body. Abreu threw a right hook to Ennis’ body just under the final minute. Otherwise, the veteran fought defensively minded, looking to pick up on the 23-year old’s attack.

Ennis backed up Abreu immediately to open round two. He also switched to southpaw quickly. Ennis continued to work away attacking up and down, but finished the round back in his orthodox stance.

Ennis controlled the fight in similar fashion in rounds three and four, as Abreu struggled to establish any semblance of a steady attack. The 33-year old managed to get off more punches in the fourth round, concentrating on Ennis’ body.

Abreu’s energy increased to open the fifth round. The pair exchanged low blows shortly into the round with Abreu landing an apparent intention shot below the belt second. Ennis started walking Abreu down after the action resumed. As Abreu was trying to respond, he walked chin-first into a counter right uppercut that floored Abreu. The Dominican laid flat on his back before popping straight up. Once on his feet only about 10 seconds remained.

Early conflict ensued in round six. Abreu was floored again after a punishing combination from Ennis. This time a right hand did the damage. Abreu got up again but Ennis moved in with combinations meant to close the show. After another fierce set of hooks from both hands, the already unsteady Abreu collapsed to the canvas again, and referee Johnny Callas knelt down over the Dominican. After a close look at the hurt fighter Callas waved the fight off at 1:06.

All photos by Amanda Westcott/Showtime Boxing

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