Danielle Perkins Drops Monika Harrison; Earns UD Win in Debut

DETROIT, MICH (August 20, 2020) — Decorated amateur Danielle Perkins looked impressive in her debut against Monika Harrison of Houston, Texas. The Cruiserweights clashed in an early bout of Salita Promotions’ “Detroit Brawl at the Legendary Kronk” card that streamed on the UFC Fight Pass app.

Harrison (2-1-1, 1 KO) initiated the action against the towering Danielle Perkins, who patiently sat back in her southpaw stance. The action slowed down in second minute of the first round and some body work by Perkins set up a clean right hand that caused Harrison to shell up momentarily.

Harrison returned with her volume to open the second frame, but still appeared to be reluctant to get all the way within range. Perkins remained selective with her offense. Perkins, the taller of the two fighters, walked to Harrison and kept her on her back foot.

The action peaked in the opening seconds of round three. The fighters stood toe-to-toe to trade fiercely. Harrison sustained the heavier shots and received an 8-count after the big exchange of punches.

Perkins’ immediate pressure in the final round signaled her intention to capitalize on the knockdown. Harrison battled through fatigue, moved enough to avoid Perkins’ onslaught, and finished the 4-rounder on her feet. The judges scored the one-way action fight 40-35 in favor of Perkins.

After the fight Perkins expressed her intentions to quickly improve to 2-0, move up to Super Heavyweight and then petition the WBC to face Alejandra Jimenez for her title.

Photo provided by Big Media Buzz/Salita Promotions  

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