Brandon Adams Ambushes Serhii Bohachuk Late in the 8th For A Shocking Comeback KO

Against all odds in Puerto Rico, veteran Brandon Adams stunningly knocked out previously undefeated Serhii Bohachuk in the final seconds of Round 8 to secure comeback win

PUERTO RICO (March 4, 2021) — Ring City USA took a while to stage its Super Welterweight battle between Serhii Bohachuk and Brandon Adams. The two fighters were supposed to fight on December 3 when Adams remained on the card and knocked out Sanny Duversonne in two rounds. Bohachuk tested positive for Covid-19 and watched the action at Wild Card Gym from home.

Ring City rescheduled the fight, bringing it back as its first main event of 2021. The location changed to outside of the Municipal Boxing Gym in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.

Bohachuk’s 6-foot frame and 73-inch reach created the need for the 5-foot 9-inch Adams (23-3, 15 KOs) to adjust early in Round 1. The action gradually built, and set the stage for a fiercely contested second frame.

The action moved inside for most of the two subsequent rounds. Both fighters scored consistently with hooks and uppercuts. Adams received a warning for a low blow in Round 2, and referee Ramon Pena stopped the action near the end of Round 3 to deduct a point from Adams for straying below the waistline again.

Going into Round 4, the surface of the ring started to become an issue. Both fighters appeared to move with uncertainty regarding their footing. Adams set up outside more often, and operated with an in-and-out attack. He slipped a number of times during the round. Bohachuk’s lead foot slid a couple of times as well.

Prior to Round 5 Pena halted the action to mop the ring.

Bohachuk walked to Adams once the action resumed. The Ukrainian found his rhythm first, and scored often with his left hook. Adams struggled with fully settling in during the round.

Adams eased his way into his attack in Round 6. His trust grew in his footing and he started to punch with a greater work-rate at the end of the first minute. Adams jabbed to Bohahcuk’s body, and then mixed in some lateral movement. Bohachuk continued to pressure Adams and volume punch.

Bohachuk remained relentless through the first half of Round 7. Adams moved around the outer edges of the ring, mostly moving to his left seemingly content to only jab.

Adams may have been trying to avoid the Ring City two-fist logo in the middle of the ring. But, Adams’ power punching to the body of Bohachuk continued to be absent. Late in the round, Adams suddenly changed the course of the fight and quickly spun out of the corner to unload a ferocious flurry on Bohachuk. A left hook to the chin started onslaught, and after the Ukrainian moved out, Adams pushed forward to land a final flush left hook up top.


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Bohachuk beat the count but he staggered badly while walking towards Pena. Officially, Pena waved the fight off at 2:47. The defeat marked Bohachuk’s first after 18 victories that all ended inside the distance. Adams improved to 23-3 with his 15th knockout.

After the fight Adams acknowledged that between the referee seeming to favor Bohachuk’s tactics, and the poor condition of the ring affecting his footwork, it became incumbent on him to overcome all the adversity. Ultimately, he accepted that it was them against him, and he knew he had to take advantage of his big moment when it presented itself.

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