Tale of The Plate (Spence vs. Porter): Spicy Cheese & Bacon Stuffed Sliders

For Spence vs Porter fight week, Bite Down Boxing will be bringing you recipe suggestions for a unified champion-caliber fight party spread

Today we’re bringing you a variation of the fight party favorite, sliders, stuffed with bacon and cheese. This is from yours truly, you can follow me on Twitter @lazylefty.

My fight prediction: Spence by unanimous decision


Spicy Cheese And Bacon Stuffed Sliders


  • 1 1/2 lb ground beef
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Egg
  • Texas Toast Croutons
  • 1 white onion
  • Mushrooms
  • Worchestire Sauce
  • Real Bacon Bits
  • Spicy Shredded Cheese
  • Jalapeno Pepper
  • Put croutons in a plastic Ziploc bag and use a heavy object to crush into breadcrumbs
  • Add egg, ground beef and croutons in bowl. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Mix with hands or utensil.¬†Croutons will add flavor as well as help the beef stick together.
    • On a cutting board slice the¬†jalapeno peppers. I like to remove the seeds myself but you can keep them in. You can add them to the ground beef whole or dice them as shown below. After adding jalapenos, mix them thoroughly into ground beef.
  • Remove a handful of ground beef, roll, and make a patty. After making a patty make an indentation in the ground beef and add cheese and bacon bits.



  • Fold ground beef over top of cheese and bacon bits and roll into a ball. Flatten ground beef into a patty. One trick I’ve learned when making sliders is to put a small indentation in the middle of the patty to reduce shrinkage of the ground beef. This is where your own discretion comes into play. Personally, I like to put my sliders in the oven on a grated pan to catch the grease. You can choose to cook yours on top of the stove. I like my ground beef a little bit lower than well done. So I put it in the stove at 350 degree for 20 minutes.



  • Brown buns in a cast iron or non stick skillet with butter. You can also caramelize your onions and mushrooms in the same pan.



  • Remove ground beef patties and place them on a bun. Top them off with onions and mushrooms. I also like to add a drop or two of thousand island dressing and a garlic stuffed olive.


I enjoy eating mine with house chips. Simply slice potatoes into chips, fry, remove from grease, sprinkle a little garlic powder and add salt on top of them.

Hope you enjoy!

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