Errol Spence Expects to Be At 100% Against Shawn Porter (Without the IBF’s Second-Day Weigh-In)

In an interview with Barbershop Conversations¬†undefeated IBF Welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr claims he’s usually fighting at only 70 percent due to his sanctioning body’s second-day weigh-in rule. In August of 2017, the IBF decided to eliminate the second-day weigh-in for unification bouts.

“Second-day weigh-ins will remain in effect for all other [IBF] bouts,” IBF president Daryl Peoples told ESPN. “We changed the second-day weigh-in for unifications after we received a request from one of our members. We had discussed changing the rule prior to the request.

Spence expects to be at 100 percent on August 28 when he faces WBC champion Shawn Porter, on FOX Pay Per View, with both his IBF title and the green belt on the line.

“I really be fighting like 7 percent, cause even like when I have the IBF belt, like fighting at 157 pounds I still be dehydrated…. Without the rehydration y’all will see a lot more.”

Header photo by Ryan Hafey/Premier Boxing Champions

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