The Contender Finale Preview

On Friday night, live from The Forum in Inglewood, CA, ‘The Contender’ will crown a champion.  It was a fantastic season mixed with upsets, actioned packed fights and a storyline worth following.  Epix will air the finale starting at 10:00pm ET.    

In the main-event you have one of the favorites heading into the tournament, Brandon ‘The Cannon’ Adams looking to resurrect a once promising career.  He’ll face arguably, the cinderella story of the series, ‘Sugarman’ Shane Mosley Jr.

Adams went through  the toughest gauntlet of the whole tournament, defeating the feared veteran, Tyrone Brunson, the favorite to win it all, Ievgen Khytrov and Erik Walker.  Adams understood this was his last stand as far as continuing his career at a high level and making a name for himself. Adams delivered and he did so in fashion, scoring a knockdown in each of his 3 victories.  Now, only Shane Mosley Jr is standing in his way.

No one expected Shane Mosley Jr to be in the finals.  He was the most targeted fighter in the house but in the end, he had the final laugh.  Mosley showed the heart, determination and mentality needed to win a competition like this.  

In the co-main event, Michael Moore and Eric Walker in an 8 round attraction bout.  Both fighters were very impressive in the series.

Moore’s performance against Sherrell was awesome as he hammered away at G5.  His willingness to still stand toe to toe with an injured arm in the final round earned the respect of Andre Ward and Sergio Mora.  

Walker came out of nowhere and defeated 2 of the best participants in John Jackson and John Thompson.  After 2 rounds against Brandon Adams, Walker, in my opinion, was up on the scorecards. However, a knockdown in the 4th and a hungry Adams, derailed his chances at making the finals.  

The card will feature 4 more bouts featuring the rest of the cast from “The Contender”.

Quatavious Cash and Marcos Hernandez will clash in a 6 round bout.  Cash was eliminated by Gerald Sherrell in a highly, contested slugfest.  Marcos Hernandez defeated Daniel Valdivia in one of the most actioned packed fights of the series.  Due to injuries suffered in the fight, Hernandez was unable to continue and sent home.

Morgan Fitch and Gerrell Sherrell will see action in a 6 round bout.  Fitch slugged it out with tournament favorite, Ievgen Khytrov, before being stopped in the 3rd round.  Sherrell garnered a lot of attention for his high volume, actioned packed performances. HIs knockout of Cash and his dog fight against Moore were both highlights of the series.  

Series favorite Ievgen Khytrov will face Malcolm Mcallister in a 6 round bout.  Khytrov, in my opinion, was the betting favorite to win it all. His dismantling of Fitch in the first round looked promising but then he ran into the muscle, Brandon Adams.  Mcallister had to shoulder the task of facing the ‘Silverback’ Moore in the first round and just didn’t enough tools in the box.

In the opening bout of the night, Devaun Lee will face Tyrone Brunson in a 6 round bout.  Neither fighter made it out of the first round. Lee smacked talked Mosley from the opening episode and ended up getting smacked around when they met in the first round.  Brunson ran into a highly motivated Adams and suffered the same result, an early exit from the series.

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