Sunday Sermon: Shawn ‘GGG’ Porter; Green Trunks, Green Belt, Greenbacks

“Bring the full tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. And thereby put me to the test, says the Lord of hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you a blessing until there is no more need” Malachi 3:10Shawn


Shawn Porter 

Shawn Porter stated that in the days leading up to his fight with Danny Garcia, he was watching classic replay bouts featuring Marvin Hagler, a fighter he has always idolized.  

Inspirational, yes, but Porter wasn’t watching to pick up any new tricks to the trade or to find any extra motivation.  It was simple, Hagler was always proud of one thing, winning and representing the green WBC belt.

It was the one title Porter always wanted to strap around his waist.

Last night, after a hard fought, grind it out victory over Danny Garcia, Shawn Porter took a moment in silence to admire his new possession.

Finally, Porter, with trademark ear to ear smile, strapped the green belt around his shoulder before he began his post fight interview.  Porter was jubilant, joyful and outright boyish as he talked with Jim Gray. He had every right to be, he achieved a personal goal he set years before he ever knew if he’d even get the opportunity.

And in typical Porter fashion, he earned it.

Porter abandoned his game plan of trying to box and make it a tactical fight after the 2nd round.  Porter began using his head, bull rushing style to offset and frustrate not only Danny, but his father, Angel.  For all of Garcia’s intangibles, he simply couldn’t overcome the constant attack of Porter. Porter pressed, pinned and poured it on Garcia round after round.  It was, if you want to be honest, the most important reason he won. The judges were moved by Porter’s aggression over Garcia’s patience.

And please save the robbery conspiracies for someone else, the right guy won.  

However, his warrior like performance is being overshadowed by the bufferony of his PBC stablemates.  When did Errol Spence become Nino Brown? I wondered if PBC and Al Haymon realize how many videos and views there are of Broner and Gervonta Davis visibly hammered and acting like spoiled brats.  The Charlo brothers are a story of their own and it never amazes me how many times Showtime continues to to show how immature and poorly behaved these individuals are.

With their new deal with Fox, Shawn Porter should be the face of its marketability.  He’s always well dressed, well spoken and well mannered. Also, he’s the epitome of what an old school boxer is, all business inside the ring and humbled outside of it.  However, they continue to publicize the jewelry, made up beef and fake personalities of the above mentioned fighters.

For now, Porter can just enjoy his win.  He doesn’t need Spence to justify his career.  He doesn’t need the payday as the WBC has stated he needs to make two mandatory defenses so that means two, 7 figure paychecks.  So let’s raise a glass to Porter and cheer his recent victory and overall great, career.

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