Is Garcia-Porter That Important? Maybe, Maybe Not

On Saturday September 8th, Danny Garcia and Shawn Porter square off in a highly anticipated matchup featuring two of the top five Welterweights in the world. It’s an interesting fight and an almost guaranteed exciting clash as their stylistic match up has produced instant classics throughout the years. It’s definitely a fight fans are looking forward to viewing and we could be in store for an outcome worth writing home about.

But does the outcome of the fight actually matter though?

Maybe but only if the winner faces Errol Spence Jr in the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, both sides have already hinted that Spence isn’t part of their future plans. The only formidable opponent for Spence, who has publicly called him out and seems willing to trade punches with the Dallas star, is Terence Crawford. Hell might have to freeze over before the “BobFather” and Uncle Al can conduct a deal. You would figure with Lewis-Tyson, Mayweather-Pacquiao and Mayweather-McGregor all being made, the path has been paved. However, although it’s a great fight, it’s not four million PPV buys worthy and in the boxing business, if it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense/cents.

Maybe one of the fighters has an Eminem like diss track for Spence waiting until after the fight? I doubt it, fuck it, maybe Tommy Hearns or Ray Leonard will come out of retirement.

Sadly, Porter has hinted at retirement and Garcia, as usual, is talking about the business aspects of the boxing game. Is either fighter a hall of fame fighter? Probably not but a win against Spence puts you somewhere in the conversation.

I’m guessing the smoke is too much to inhale for either fighter.

More than likely we’ll have to settle for Garcia against Adrien Broner. Who the hell wants to see Broner in a title fight he doesn’t deserve, or hasn’t earned, ever again. With Porter, he’ll hold out for the Thurman rematch or chase a smaller paycheck against Devon Alexander or Lamont Peterson. That once again leaves Spence fighting the Carlos Ocampo’s of the world and boxing fans holding on for hope that boxing will one day get it right.

This is probably the main reason as to why the anticipation for such a credible fight is dwindling in the days leading up to the event. The media’s focus has been more on, of course, Angel Garcia’s character and the weirdness surrounding the Porter camp. I guess all we can do is look forward to a great fight and the usual post-fight adrenaline rush every fighter has after a big win. They’ll mention every name, scenario and post celebration plan. They’ll thank Al, their cities and fans. It will sound amazingly believable when they mention Spence’s name.

But don’t expect to see the winner face Errol Spence Jr anytime soon.

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