The Sunday Sermon: Garcia Cancels Easter Services

Let not steadfast love and faithfulness forsake you; bind them around your neck; write them on the tablet of your heart. So you will find favor and good success in the sight of God and man’ Proverbs 3:3-4

Mikey Garcia 

Mikey Garcia is quite honestly, a once in a generational type of fighter. As a four-weight division champ, Mikey Garcia will quite possibly, walk into the Hall Of Fame when his career is over.

Last night Mikey Garcia walked to the ring in Los Angeles with thousands of Mexican Americans in the stands rooting him on and he performed like only a Mexican American could, with pure heart and determination. He taught Robert Easter a classic lesson in ‘levels’ as he completely dominated and outclassed the Toledo, OH fighter. After the second round, you could argue Easter didn’t win a round and besides a 30 second span in round nine, it wasn’t that competitive of a fight. Regardless of what you hear or read, Easter was in survival for most of the 2nd half of the fight.

Can anyone really be surprised about the outcome? Easter is a good fighter, no doubt about it, however, he was properly matched in winning his world title and defending it. There isn’t a fighter on his resume that anyone will be talking about in 10 years.

On paper this was a great fight. Two, undefeated , world champions vying for Lightweight supremacy. All you needed was to visit YouTube, watch a fight, or two, of both fighters and you would quickly realize that Easter stood no chance. And spare me the “it’s easy to judge a fight after the result.” Luckily we here at Bite Down Boxing did a pre-fight podcast where the only thing I got wrong was I said Easter wouldn’t see the final bell.

Look, this wasn’t about Easter being prepared for a fighter like Garcia. This wasn’t about whether or not Easter was as talented as his record made him out to be. This was simply about how technically sound and gifted a fighter like Garcia is. Mikey Garcia is quite possibly the smartest fighter in the game right now. He lured Easter into his game plan early in the fight by allowing Easter to build false confidence in thinking his jab and reach were too much for Garcia. Once Easter felt comfortable and believed he could close the distance on Garcia and open up, boom, he found himself on the canvas and never in the fight after that moment. It was a brilliant tactic and performance from one, Mikey Garcia.

Apparently Mikey Garcia will jump two weight classes and fight Errol Spence, something that the other top Welterweights, excluding Crawford, refuse to do. Can he beat Spence? Who cares, he’s taking a challenge far greater than expected from him. Garcia is willing to test himself against the best there is regardless of the weight. You have to respect him for the notion alone, considering guys like Porter and Garcia would rather fight each other instead of the No. 1 fighter in the division, Spence.

Let’s praise Garcia for how he’s handled his career. He was a budding superstar before abruptly shelving himself to rid himself of his contract with Top Rank. At the time, critics labeled it a career suicide move and for two years, they bashed him. Four years later he’s still undefeated and easily a top 10 fighter in the sport and one of the most beloved. You can easily argue, he’s the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world considering he defended his Lightweight title after winning a title in the Junior Welterweight division.

Garcia is his own boss in a sport where 99 percent of its athletes’ careers are handled by managers, advisers, promoters and TV execs. Not Garcia, maybe yesterday but not today and certainly not tomorrow. Garcia is setting a trend that few fighters before him have succeeded in doing. So on this glorious Sunday, lets rejoice in Garcia’s excellence instead of dwelling on your personal jealousy and hatred of his greatness.

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